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Get answers to common questions about Medicare Advantage and plans from Mass General Brigham Health Plan.

About our Medicare Advantage plans

Get to know our Medicare Advantage plans and benefits.

  • Where are the plans available?

    Our Medicare Advantage plans are available in Bristol, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk, and Worcester counties in Massachusetts. 

  • Where can I find details on the plans you offer?

    Visit Plans to see your options and benefit details or request a kit to have this information conveniently emailed to you and/or mailed to your home. You can also speak with one of our expert Medicare Advisors by calling 855-486-3097 (TTY 711) seven days a week from 8 AM–8 PM Eastern Time. From April 1–September 30, call Monday–Friday, 8 AM–8 PM.

  • What if I don't have a Mass General Brigham doctor? Can I visit other doctors and hospitals?

    Yes. Our Medicare Advantage plans give you access to Mass General Brigham providers, as well as Mass General Brigham Health Plan’s broader Medicare Advantage network of doctors, hospitals and other providers across the state. Search our doctor network here.

    You'll also be covered for non-emergency or routine care from any Medicare-participating provider anywhere in the U.S. – even if they’re not part of our provider network. Out-of-network care and services may cost you more than in-network. 

  • Do you offer dental coverage and benefits?

    Our Medicare Advantage plans go beyond Original Medicare coverage to include comprehensive dental coverage through LIBERTY Dental Plan. 

    Preventive services, including oral exams, routine cleaning, and x-rays, are covered in full. Additional covered services include root canals, crowns, and bridges. There is no copayment for covered services when you see an in-network dentist.

    You can find a list of covered dental services on our Benefits page. You also find more details on our dental coverage in the Evidence of Coverage documents available on our plan pages.

  • Do your plans include vaccine coverage?

    Yes. Our plans include coverage with no cost sharing for vaccine services covered under Medicare Part B. These include:

    • The pneumonia vaccine
    • Flu shots, once each flu season in the fall and winter, with additional flu shots if medically necessary.
    • Hepatitis B vaccine if you are at high or intermediate risk of getting Hepatitis B.
    • Other vaccines if you are at risk and they meet Medicare Part B coverage rules.

    We also cover some vaccines under our Part D prescription drug benefit at no cost to you. Your costs for a Part D vaccination depend on the type of vaccine, where you get the vaccine, and who gives you the vaccine. You can find more details about Part D vaccines in the Evidence of Coverage documents available on our plan pages.

  • Am I covered when I travel outside the United States?

    As a Mass General Brigham Health Plan Medicare Advantage member, you are covered anywhere for emergency and urgent care. This includes the hospitals and centers in your community and any place around the world.

  • Are my medications covered? How much do they cost?

    You can search our online Formulary to find drugs covered by your plan and which of the five cost sharing tiers they belong to. The amount you pay depends on the drug’s tier and what stage of the benefit you have reached. You can find more information about these tiers and stages in your plan’s Summary of Benefits. Instructions for how to find this document are located below. Your Care Guide can also help you search for medications and help you understand what your cost sharing will be.

    If you need help with the cost of your medications, you may be eligible for certain state and federal programs that reduce your monthly prescription drug premium or co-pays. You can find out more about these programs on our Prescription drug coverage page. Your Care Guide is also available to help you learn more about the low-income subsidy and pharmaceutical assistance programs.

  • Where can I find the Evidence of Coverage documentation for your plans?

    You can review plan documents, including the Evidence of Coverage and Summary of Benefits, for each of our Medicare Advantage plans on their respective plan pages.

    You can find the plan pages at the links below.

  • Is there someone I can speak with to learn more?

    Our Medicare Advisors will listen to your needs and help you understand your options so that you can make a well-informed decision. After you find the right plan, our Medicare Advisors will make sure your transition to your new plan goes smoothly.

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