Medicare 101 video series

Dive into the details of Medicare with these helpful, easy-to-understand videos. 

Get to know Medicare

Whether you're new to Medicare or considering a move to a Medicare Advantage plan, we want to help you get the care and support you need to take on your health goals and challenges to live your best life. We created the Medicare videos below to address a wide range of common Medicare questions.

What is Medicare?

Learn what Medicare is and who it's for in this quick overview.

Length: 0:48

What do the different parts of Medicare mean?

Learn about Parts A, B, C, and D of Medicare, including what they mean and what they cover.
Length: 2:37

Do you need more than just Original Medicare?

What is Original Medicare? What doesn't it cover? Learn more in this quick summary.
Length: 1:14

Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement?

Here are the differences between Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans (also known as Medigap). 
Length: 1:43

Does Medicare cover prescriptions?

For most people, Part D prescription drug coverage is an essential part of any Medicare decision. Learn how you can get coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan. 
Length: 1:11

Are you covered when you travel?

Healthcare you receive while traveling outside the U.S. is not covered by Original Medicare. Learn how to get covered with a Medicare Advantage plan. 
Length: 1:46

When can you enroll in or switch Medicare plans?

Learn when you can enroll in a Medicare plan and when you become eligible for Medicare Advantage. 
Length: 1:18

What Medicare coverage is right for you?

Different Medicare plans may provide different advantages. Learn about 3 questions you can ask yourself to get a picture of your healthcare needs. 
Length: 1:05

Download your Medicare Basics guide

Our Medicare Basics guide is a helpful tool to refer back to as you move forward and review your Medicare plan options.


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